Light Up The Shade

All women have unique and multifaceted personalities, and we have the capacity to use those traits for good, evil or to be just plan annoying.  I try very hard to be respectable, but I have found that even when I am being the best me I can be, other women still get persnickety with me.  Apparently, the new “term” for this is “throwing shade.”  When someone else is in the spotlight or does something well, and another woman cannot handle it, for whatever reason, she “throws shade” on the other in an effort to minimize the sunlight that is shinning on someone other than her.   However, some cannot stand to have others good deeds highlighted that when they try to throw the shade they end up chucking pitch-black midnight at others!  It is pure insecurity.  I used to feel sorry for women who lacked self-confidence…but I am uninviting myself to that pity party.  Being a grown woman of 30 plus years, I find it terribly maddening when other grown or overgrown women have to act their shoe size and not their age. 

This harkens back to my post “Don’t Hate Celebrate.”  Almost every day, I feel the breeze of icy female disdain, because many women have been programmed to hate and not celebrate.  We have to switch the channel and change this archetype.  For some women who are utterly contemptuous at not being the star of the moment, I am sure “throwing shade” is progress for them.  Congratulations…keep on truckin’.  The bottom line is this: someone can only put you in darkness if you allow it to happen, so let the candles of genuineness and genius inside you burn so bright that others will have to wear sunglasses to look at you.
Word up…Peace Out---Susan

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