Don't Feel Guilty...Feel Pleased

What is a guilty pleasure?  Of course, I understand the definition per Webster and I do love a good oxymoron, but I cannot comprehend the guilt in the pleasure.  Think about it, if you partake in something that makes you feel delight, why should you feel badly?  Moreover, if you do feel downtrodden about what you have done, then can you really say that the thing is amazing or pleasurable in the first place?  I don’t know about you, but the amazements in my life are certainly not things that cause me remorse.  For instance, I find it very gratifying to stuff myself with a plethora of Taco Bell bean burritos while watching reruns of Family Ties.  Now some may say I should be embarrassed because I enjoy the exceptional taste of warm tortillas with cheesy goodness inside, or some may say I should be ashamed that I find sitcoms from the 80’s refreshingly simple and entertaining.  However, I feel very pleased with my fast food indulgences and television show preferences.  Therefore, I think the phrase guilty pleasure should be changed to glad pleasure or gladly pleasured… for those on the freaky side.  The next time you tell someone in secret about some trashy television show you watch or some funky thing you do, don’t whisper…shout it out and say, you are glad for your pleasure!     

Word Up...Peace Out--Susan

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